How do you relate with weather?

Western North Carolina is a lush, beautiful land. Let's give thanks!

Join us Sunday, October 1, 2017.

Asheville weather workers
Two of the Asheville weather workers, Erin Everett and Adam Laufer, with the offerings to the Weather Beings brought by the community
The wind, rain, sun, lightning, and clouds are forces so much bigger and more powerful than we are, and changes in weather directly affect our lives and health. We all feel this. How do you relate with the weather?
When rain comes after a dry time, do you go out and dance as your garden is watered? Does awe and respect hit you as thunder rolls and lightning flashes? Do you feel helpless and shaken by the weather extremes we're seeing in many parts of our world? The weather is varied and expresses many emotions. Come to our Harvest Festival, bring all of your feelings about these tumultuous times, and offer them in this gratitude ceremony to the ones who most need to hear them: the Weather Beings.
The Weather Beings are speaking - let's let them know we're listening and acknowledging their voices. Join with us to do what human groups across the world have done throughout time. At this event, we'll pray with all our Hearts, offering our gratitude for what we have – community, connection, and beautiful, nourishing, abundant weather.
Harvest Festival Asheville Weather Workers
Weatherworkers Andy Weatherly and Amy Haynes in the Sacred Fire Council House near Asheville during our Harvest Festival.