What is a Weather Worker?

What is a weather worker?

Douglas Haynes Asheville weather worker
Asheville weather worker Douglas Haynes

Douglas Haynes, an Asheville weather worker since 2003, offers his comments on his path and his work. 

What is a weatherworker?

A weatherworker is a conduit between the weather beings and the community of people in an area. Weather moves toward and through an area. Each area has a personality that attracts certain flows of weather. Weatherworkers give gratitude for the rains and the abundance of the weather.

Another part of this: weatherworkers ask for temperance and livable conditions and for there to be abundance for the people. Every year, each weatherworker goes to Mexico to be rejuvenated. It takes about ten days of ceremony and ritual to accomplish this. We get energized and ask that our areas have another year of gentle and beneficial rains. We ask that the weather beings go easy and work with the people.

What's the point of being involved in a traditional path?

A traditional path is one that moves me closer to nature – a place that allows me to know myself in my surroundings. My traditional path helps me understand my role in community. This brings me the understanding of the beauty and importance of nature which feeds my people physically and emotionally. When I see how nature interacts with the people, I see the embrace of a great being giving and receiving, I see our people able to live and breathe and eat and have abundance. When I experience the simple beauty that stands outside my window, I also experience a vast and awesome entity that controls our fate and freely allows me to live in what ever way I choose. I find that nature allows that as long as I respect the consequences of my actions. Take, deplete – give, receive more.