Weather Poem 4

Shall I say...

asheville weather workers clouds

Shall I say
‘like’ or ‘as’
to enlighten your imagination
to the fabulous imagery
of the thunderhead looming over the
Swannanoa Valley as its depths lit
sweet peach, squirrelly salmon, slaty rose
when the sunset left the land and sailed miles high
How can I speak of the thunder as the
mountains and clouds electrically mated
with orgasms of lightning wrapped in the
veils with only the sounds demanding
attention while here on middle earth
between the drama above and the soil below
the cicadas hum their evensong
the ants consider calling it a day
and going home for a beer 
and we watch with our own
body electric singing harmony
with the hickory tossed leaves
glowing a deeper green



andy weatherly asheville weather workersBy Asheville weather worker Andy Weatherly, who has had several of his poems published in national journals.
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