2017 Harvest Festival Photos

What a celebration! Photos from our 2017 Harvest Festival

Bringing our community together to share our gratitude for the Rain, Sun, Clouds, Thunder and Wind is one of the highlights of our busy year as Nahua-tradition weather workers. Our Harvest Festival only happens once a year, but it's an important event. From our perspective, it is a valuable moment in the lives of a sustainable community. There are many perspectives on what defines the word "sustainability." For us, true sustainability occurs when our community is in good relationship with the Weather Beings.



asheville weatherworker Erin Everett
asheville weatherworker Erin Everett
asheville weatherworker Erin Everett
asheville weatherworker Erin Everett
On Sunday October 1, 2017, the Asheville Weather Workers (known as quiatlzques in the Nahuatl language) gathered with Asheville-area community to, once again, bring our traditional offerings of appreciation to the weather for its generous gifts to our region. These traditional offerings have been made for many generations in the central Highlands of Mexico, the homeland of our Nahua tradition. And, offerings to give thanks for the gifts of Earth and Weather have been made by countless traditions across the world, in a very similar way.
In our experience, during this ancient but simple ancestral ceremony, everyone participating does their part to forge good relations between the human people and the Weather Beings. And...we get to have a warm, joyful time together sharing food, music, stories and emotions while we do it!
Special thanks to virtuosos Alexi and Eli Haynes for providing the fiddle music for our event, and for all of the community members who helped in so many ways to make this event a success. Thank you to our Firekeeper Lisa Lichtig and to the Sacred Fire Council House for holding us so well.
And, of course, thank you to the Sun, Wind and Clouds for dancing with us in our ceremony.

Photos: Lisa Lichtig and Patrick Hanaway

Join us for our Harvest Festival!

Give thanks for our beautiful weather: Join us for our Harvest Festival!

Asheville weather workers Harvest Festival
Asheville Weather Workers Harvest Festival

Mark your calendars for Sunday October 1!

In the times of our ancestors, communities benefited from those who specialized in creating mutually supportive relationships between human people and the forces of weather - Wind, Cloud, Thunder, Lightning, Rain, and Sun - also known as the Weather Beings.
The Asheville Weatherworkers are a group of Asheville-area people who have been called, initiated and trained in the unbroken lineage of weather workers of the Nahua people of central Mexico. For a traditional experience of gratitude and celebration of the bountiful weather, come join us for our Harvest Festival.
Asheville weather workers
Asheville Nahua-lineage weather workers Adam Laufer and Amy Haynes enjoy a job well done, admiring flower offerings made to honor Iztaccihuatl, our sacred mountain in Mexico. Iztaccihuatl's partner, the active volcano Popocatepetl, is showing his approval in the background!


Event details and directions.

Harvest Festival Details and Directions

Harvest Festival 2018 Details and Directions

2018 Traditional Weather Harvest Festival
Saturday, October 6, 2018

Please arrive at or before 11:30 am for the ceremony, which goes from 12 noon to 4:30 pm.

Asheville weather workers Harvest Festival

Learn more about our 2018 Harvest Festival and our spiritual tradition.

Please bring:

  • Offerings for the Weather Beings. Each person attending, please bring all three of these: fresh whole fruits, cut flowers, and bread. Local is great, if you can find it.
  • A potluck item to share reflecting the abundant harvest. You may choose to bring a mug for your use to save on paper cups.
  • Clothing to fit the weather throughout the day and afternoon.
  • Family and friends who want to celebrate with us. This is a kid-friendly event!
  • Your interest and open heart.
  • Please bring a donation for the Harvest Festival.
  • Please bring a donation for our beautiful Sacred Fire Council House, the venue for our festival.
Directions to Sacred Fire Asheville and the Sacred Fire Council House:

Please park at 90 Rocky Hollow, Weaverville NC.

• From Asheville, take I-40 to I-240 to 19-23 (aka I-26) North towards Weaverville.
• Exit # 15: Jupiter-Barnardsville.
• Left off exit ramp onto Jupiter Rd.
• First right onto old 19-23 (possibly no road sign).
• Go ½ mile, veer to left onto Locust Grove Rd (blue sign for Baptist church).
• Go 1 ½ miles, turn right onto Rocky Hollow (gravel road).
• Proceed to the 5th drive on the left, # 90 Rocky Hollow. Marked with a "Park Here" sign to the Parking area to the left of the A-frame house. From parking area, walk left up to the fire structure on the hill to the left of the parking area. Someone will greet you there and tell you what’s next!

Learn more about our 2018 Harvest Festival and our spiritual tradition.

About our 2017 Ceremonial Leader

About this year's ceremonial leader, Erin Everett

Erin Everett Asheville Weather Workers
Erin Everett and Adam Laufer

Erin Everett was initiated as a quiatlzques (person who makes water arrive) in the Nahua tradition of weather work in May of 2003 with her husband, Adam Laufer, and also with her Asheville compadres Amy Haynes and Douglas Haynes, among others.

Like the other weather workers in this tradition who live across the USA and in the UK and Mexico, she returns to the homeland of the tradition in Mexico each year, often twice, to participate in ceremonies to "turn on the rain" at the spring beginning of the rainy season and to "turn off the rain" in the fall. In addition to learning to be a ceremonial leader and temezcalli (sweat lodge) leader, she is being trained by her teacher, don David Wiley, to be a tepahtiani (medicine healer) in her Nahua tradition.

Asheville weather workers
Asheville weather worker Erin Everett

In addition to her work in Mexico, like the other Asheville-area weather workers, she works ritually with the weather of our local area to ask for balance and abundance for our crops, forests, animals, plants and people. Community support is crucial to the work of all of the weather workers, and the yearly Harvest Festival brings a wonderful opportunity for people of the community to participate with the weather workers to give thanks for the generous abundance of the Weather Beings.

At 2017's Harvest Festival, hosted by all of the Asheville-area weather workers, Erin will be the ceremonial leader at the altar. Please come out and support her and all of us weather workers. We look forward to seeing you at our Harvest Festival on October 1! 

Event details and directions.