Harvest Festival Details & Directions

Harvest Festival 2020 Details and Directions

asheville weather workers harvest festival

Details and What to Bring to the

Traditional Weather Harvest Festival

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Please arrive at or before 11:30 am for the ceremony, which goes from 12 noon to around 3 pm.

Learn more about our 2020 Harvest Festival.

Registration is required this year for this donation/free event.

Please register now, as space is limited.

Please bring:

  • Offerings for the Weather Beings.¬† Each person attending, please bring all three of these: fresh whole fruits, cut flowers, and bread. Local is great, if you can find it.
  • Your own water or beverage in a bottle to keep hydrated throughout the afternoon.
  • Food for your own lunch. This year, we will not share a potluck meal, as we have in the past. However, gluten-free beef stew and a vegetarian option will be provided, so that you can choose to share a nourishing cup of stew with us!
  • Clothing to fit the weather throughout the day and afternoon.
  • Family and friends who want to celebrate with us. This is a kid-friendly event! **Please make sure that each person is registered, as our attendance is limited.**
  • Your interest and open heart.
  • If you haven’t already donated, please bring a donation for the Harvest Festival and the beautiful Sacred Fire Council House, the venue for our festival.
  • Your mask or face covering for adhering to North Carolina’s official COVID-19 guidelines. When you arrive, our event leaders will walk you through a process to ensure we enjoy our time together and prioritize everyone’s safety at our event. Learn more about our plans for the safety of everyone attending this event.
Directions to Sacred Fire Asheville and the Sacred Fire Council House and more details will be emailed to you upon registration.

Learn more about our 2020 Harvest Festival.

View photos from last year’s Harvest Festival.





Photos of our Traditional Harvest Festival of 2019!

Photos of our Traditional Harvest Festival of 2019!

The 30 people who attended our Traditional Weather Harvest Festival participated in a unique opportunity to connect with the weather and offer gratitude, just as human beings have done throughout time.

This year's ceremonial leader was one of the six Nahua-tradition quiatlzques (bringers of rain), also known in Mexico as graniceros (workers with hail), or tiemperos (workers with the times of wet and dry). Amy Haynes led us through the ceremony with humility, grace and eloquence. Thank you, Amy!

Amy Haynes Asheville weather workers
Amy Haynes making traditional prayers.

The event also featured heart-opening stories, poems and context offered by our group, as well as a joyful toast and an abundant potluck. What a wonderful celebration and a fitting tribute to the many gifts of the Rain, Clouds, Thunder, Lightning, Wind and Sun!

Please watch this space and join us for our next Traditional Weather Harvest Festival, which is an annual event. Also, consider joining us for the annual Day of the Dead ceremony hosted by Amy at the end of October 2019. Stay tuned for details.



asheville weather workers traditional harvest festival
asheville weather workers harvest festival
Asheville weather workers
asheville weather workers traditional weather harvest festival
asheville weather workers harvest festival

Come join us for our Traditional Weather Harvest Festival!

asheville weather workers

Please arrive at 11:30 am on Sunday, September 22.

Throughout time, ceremony has always been one of the important ways that human beings recalibrate ourselves to the living world around us.

At our Harvest Festival, you’ll . . .

hear a story,

join us in a potluck meal,

and make traditional offerings to thank the Rain, Clouds, Thunder, Lightning, Wind and Sun for the gifts of weather that have brought us our harvest.

Giving thanks for the gifts we’re given in our lives is such an important part of being human. Come join us to experience this simple and rich ceremony that has its roots in the timeless connection between human beings and weather.

View details, directions and what to bring.

asheville weatherworkers Harvest Festival
Some of the folks who have attended our Harvest Festival. Come join us!