Photos from our 2020 Traditional Weather Harvest Festival

Photos from our Traditional Weather Harvest Festival on September 20, 2020

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Both new and returning people, including seven young people between the ages of 10 and 17, joined us to celebrate the bountiful gifts of Rain, Sun, Thunder, Lightning, Clouds and Wind on September 20. The day started cold and cloud-covered, and as our ceremony went into swing, the clouds dispersed and the bright sunlight emerged with some gentle breezes caressing us.

Please enjoy these photos. Thank you to photographers Annie and Lisa.

We also want to thank Sacred Fire Asheville for hosting this event, and also our volunteers and the 33 people who took time out of their Sunday to celebrate the abundance we have received from the Sky. Even in COVID times, our seasonal ceremonies continue on!

"Very meaningful, peaceful, humbling and reassuring that 'we are not alone' in our struggles.
 Thank you for the efforts in preparation and so smoothly presenting the events as they unfolded.
 Look forward to next year!" —Jim & Martha Branden, new participants

"It was lovely and well thought out. Thank you all." —Annie Menzer

"This event is vital to my sustenance and well being and to nourishing my soul and my connection with nature and the weather beings in particular. I am immensely grateful for every aspect of this event from the giving of gratitude and offerings to the prayers and shell trumpeting." —Elizabeth Kelly

"The beef stew and cake were amazing. Grandfather Fire gives us the capacity for gratitude, the weather beings give us a reason to be grateful. THANK YOU" —Lisa Lichtig

"Just fantastic. Your attention to social distancing made social distancing straightforward and integrated into the programming. The set up, flow, prayers and community were soul nourishing. The weatherworkers attending demonstrated leadership, dedication and gratitude. The blue skies and gentle breezes only added to the magic of the day." —Olivia Woodford

"I enjoyed it, and it felt good to have the opportunity to give back and give thanks for the weather." —Jim Lindsey

"I love being with community and sharing in this prayerful ceremony of the Weather Workers. Wonderful day, wonderful event!" —Lisa Kolk

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COVID structure and guidelines for Harvest Festival 2020

Amy Haynes Asheville weather workers
Amy Haynes making traditional prayers.

Thank you for your interest in attending our 2020 Harvest Festival!

You are welcome to preview these plans for COVID-time safety for all attending our event.

As of September 4, 2020,  NC Governor is approving gatherings of up to 50 people outdoors. We do not plan to host this many people at our event.  Physical distancing ( at least 6 feet) and face covering requirements remain in effect. 
  • Wear a cloth face mask (not a scarf or fleece) over your nose and mouth inside all public settings and outdoors when you cannot maintain at least six (6) feet distancing from other people with the exception of family or household members.
  •  If you  have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 the past 2 weeks, please stay home.
Our ceremony will take place outdoors in a large grassy field area with plenty of space for everyone attending to maintain physical distance while fully engaging the experience.  When you arrive, please initially wear your mask. Our event leaders will walk you through a process to ensure we enjoy our time together and prioritize everyone’s safety. 
For more information see NC guidelines of wait/wear/wash.